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  1. Alright so I REALLY want Cobalt Ninja wheels. I probably won't update this like at all but this is my current offer. I'm adding more to it as I get stuff (I'm PC) [H] Nitro Crate, Overdrive Crate, Turbo crate, Turbo crate, Mount Champion, Dominus GT RLCS, Pigeon, Guardian Propeller head, SLK, Player's Choice crate, Player's choice crate [W] Cobalt Ninja
  2. slk

    The time to take this trade is gone, I just don't know how to delete the thread
  3. slk

    I want a regular SLK, doesn't have to be special. I'm offering a Nitro or Turbo crate, but I might do both if needed. I'm PC.