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  1. Welcome!
  2. Hello fellow Rocket League fans! Join our official Rocket League Discord server by visiting www.rocketleaguediscord.com. Our Discord is an active and thriving community with well over 2,000 members right now - growing by dozens, sometimes hundreds of new members each week. We have channels for just about everything you need! Stat and rank checking, trading , trade searching, team finding, friend finding, music playing, and more! Soon enough we will be hosting our very first Rocket League LFG Tournament! So stay tuned and join the Discord server to stay up to date daily! Thanks, -Galkon
  3. Sorry, keys went a couple days ago
  4. rocket league

    Awesome good luck Black0ut, join our Discord server too and you may find some people
  5. Welcome HuKe!! Thanks for joining the forums gold 1?! I can barely get to Silver II. Nice.
  6. Here is a gif of my inventory: http://imgur.com/a/ALIvR
  7. If you have an antivirus enabled it may be affecting the install. If that doesn't work, try other solutions on this: https://steamcommunity.com/discussions/forum/1/154641879453820749/
  8. I'm on PC but good luck!!
  9. Welcome Mitchell! Thanks for joining
  10. I have all these crates and I only play with Octane, so I'm looking for either keys or Octane stuff. Post your offers here. Here's my crates:
  11. Hey everyone, My name is Josh but my alias is Galkon. I'm 22 years old, live in Colorado and I have been playing Rocket League for over a year and a half now. I played SARPBC with my friends and their room mates well before Rocket League came out. I'm a programmer and a designer and helped design these forums as well as helped program and design website www.RocketLeagueLFG.com. Hope to see more people soon! Thanks for reading
  12. Hey Maxx, welcome to the forums!! Thanks for joining
  13. Hello everyone, I'd like to welcome you to the Rocket League Forum. We also operate the www.RocketLeagueLFG.com website and we recently found out that there is no viable Rocket League Forum. Therefore this website was born. It's still quite new, so if you have any suggestions please post in the Suggestions Board. Kind regards, Galkon Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Psyonix or Rocket League.