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  1. Want: Slip Stream Black Market Mystery Decal Offer: 2 zomba exotic wheels, mantis, ara 51 exotic wheels, certified mariachi hat, and add 1! Message me @TRLP_Caedan on (ps4)
  2. Requirements: * Must have a valid email that can be entered in any competitions! * Must be on PlayStation4 * Must be over the rank of Silver 2, in all ranked matches, with the exception on solo standard * Must be able to make a new team account: TRLP_ <---your name! If you would like to join I must 1v1 you first if you beat me, you get on the team, if you lose I will think about it. MESSAGE ME @TRLP_Caedan on (ps4)!
  3. I want an offer, I am selling 2 Zomba wheels if you would like to trade message me @TRLP_Caedan on ps4!
  4. I want a mantis non-painted for, k2's,fsl's,dark matter, and proton! if you want to trade message me on ps4 @TRLP_Caedan!