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  4. Hi there! I play Rocket League on my Playstation 4 console (PS4) for almost 2 years now, i've played for a total of 6+ hours and im kinda alright to be honest, I was Rank Platinum 2 in Ranked standard 3v3, I play doubles and i am silver 3.. im finding a partner who could play with me doubles, im a good teammate i guess but i just need a teammate that i can communicate with to make our gameplay amazing.
  5. Hi. Im a plat 1 in doubles and somewhat ranked in trips due to not playing without a team. Im a decent player and highest rank has been an allstar div 3 season 2. Please hmu looking for atleast gold 3 plus. Gt is XRe Del CieloX. Thanks
  6. Guys I have some crates and some really cool wheels. Inv me to trade. I want some nice decals
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  8. Want: Slip Stream Black Market Mystery Decal Offer: 2 zomba exotic wheels, mantis, ara 51 exotic wheels, certified mariachi hat, and add 1! Message me @TRLP_Caedan on (ps4)
  9. Requirements: * Must have a valid email that can be entered in any competitions! * Must be on PlayStation4 * Must be over the rank of Silver 2, in all ranked matches, with the exception on solo standard * Must be able to make a new team account: TRLP_ <---your name! If you would like to join I must 1v1 you first if you beat me, you get on the team, if you lose I will think about it. MESSAGE ME @TRLP_Caedan on (ps4)!
  10. I want an offer, I am selling 2 Zomba wheels if you would like to trade message me @TRLP_Caedan on ps4!
  11. i want a team to rank up and competitively start next season im on xbox my gt is chippercaden2
  12. My steam name: C2 | Zyrex
  13. I am willing to trade crates for the Mantis Import Body. I have a total of 19 crates; CC1 (4) CC2 (2) CC3 (2) CC4 (1) Nitro (7) Player's Choice (3) name your offer. XB1 GT: biGwiLL8270
  14. Gimme some offers, boys. looking for cars, trails, crates, and wheels. Xbox One gamertag - "a greasy wet 1". Please message me through xbox for any offers.
  15. Welcome!
  16. I want a mantis non-painted for, k2's,fsl's,dark matter, and proton! if you want to trade message me on ps4 @TRLP_Caedan!
  17. Purp apex playmaker for white dracos or 150+ k offer
  18. What kind of crates?
  19. Im trading my mystery decal.... Bubbly for endo, sky blue zombas and slipstream Add me on Steam if you want this bubbly
  20. Hello i would love to do this trade because i want to work my way up the charts my offer is Cert Goalkeeper Black Hexphase and Cert taction Purple Spiralis together they are .7 and Lime zombas and FG Zombas are .6-.7 MY GT Xxmurphx20Xx Xbox One
  21. Looking for endo have a sniper hexphase gt: pddgtonbr
  22. Another great month of gaming has come and gone in Aerial Impact (new group name!). Come check us out if looking for a group of guys and gals to play Rocket League with!
  23. casual player. Not great. Not bad either. I understand the concept of the game as most players that I am put with don't apparently. Looking for others to play with because its hard playing with randoms all the time. Also although I am kind of new I am always looking for people to trade with..... I just don't have a ton of exotic's like most since I haven't been playing as long. If anyone on Xbox is looking for someone to play with feel free to hit me up. ProjectMayhemCA
  24. opening

    Collect like the rest
  25. Add danglecrew on steam if you are gold or higher if you want to join this team. I am currently Plat 2 and was shooting star last year. Also join this discord if you want to tryout. https://discord.gg/sG7tbhu
  26. ergghiuergf.pages
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